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Forest Edge at Swallowfields Vineyards in Gembrook

Well it turned out to be a beautiful day for a wedding this afternoon! The couple that got married today must be blessed because the heavens were really opened up last night and this morning. But when it came time for the wedding, the sun was shining behind a few clouds which works really well for photos.

 Today’s ceremony was at the lovely “Forest Edge” at Swallowfields Vineyards in Gembrook. A very picturesque place and a wonderful area for a wedding with its many colourful trees that house s few Rosellas and greenery that goes for miles.

 And how do you make such a lovely place even better? By adding an absolutely gorgeous bride with 4 beautiful bridesmaids, a handsome groom with his very fine-looking groomsmen and top it off with a most adorable little flower-girl.

 And it wasn’t just the scenery that was great today but the atmosphere, the laughter and the fun of the ceremony was also terrific. With vows that were quite funny and a wonderfully written ceremony (of course), how could it have been anything else but magnificent!

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