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It’s amazing how music from the movie “Frozen” excites little kids. So this was the theme for todays wedding…. To include the four gorgeous young daughters of the bride and groom into the ceremony by playing music from Frozen as well as “Adult music”. And for the two elder girls to read a poem each.

These four girls are the most important things in the world to this couple and it’s easy to see how happy this family is, in fact you could see how much they all loved each other by all the cuddles they all gave each other and the consideration they had for each other when things didn’t quite go to plan…

They had a sand ceremony today with the colours being Cocoa representing the groom and Fuchsia (pink) representing all the girls in the family.

But apart from a couple of little hiccups, everything went well, the weather was perfect, the bride and her four daughters were looking absolutely beautiful, the groom was looking as dapper as ever, the guests were all feeling very jovial, the venue (Woodmans Estate in Moorooduc) was a great place, the moons were aligned all is well with the world!Narelle_and_Corey2.jpg

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