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Garden Weddings

I often have grooms joke while discussing preferences for the ceremony that they would like to have the song “Highway to Hell” played, (and they all think they are original, lol) and today one of my brides decided to go with it! Only the first riff of the song before changing to her real chosen music for the processional, (a much more suitable piece for the Carpenters) but it gave everyone a laugh.

And I say one of my brides as I had two weddings today, both quite similar in their ways, as they were both held in very beautiful gardens. The first at Fortnums Restaurant in Sassafras where the garden out the back is nothing short of spectacular! The splashes of colour in and around the greenery really give that wow factor, matched by the view and the yummy smells of the food cooking in the restaurant. The couple were very happy to have their very close knit family attend their wedding today followed by lunch in the diner.

The second was in another garden very local to me and just as stunning. It was held at the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum in Langwarrin amongst the trees, shrubs and flowers. The big Twin Pine trees always impress me in this garden and with the weather gods churning out a perfect day today; it couldn’t have got any better! This couple were also amongst their close knit family and decide to also include a sand ceremony in their special moment as well.

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