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Get That Ring On!

Well it was a wedding to remember today. Not just because of the icy chill in the wind that came off the lake in the background, and not just because of the bride, who looked stunning, was such a bubbly and happy soul, and not just because I had to smack the groom because he didn’t turn up until 20 minutes before the ceremony, and not just because they had a wonderful young son full of character and life………but mainly because during the signing of the registry, the groom revealed his knuckle on the finger that his wedding ring had just been placed. It was bleeding from when the bride slipped (or should I say pushed) the ring on. It was a bit of a tight fit and while making sure that ring was going on, she actually scraped some of his skin.

 I made the photographer take a photo of this poor digit and will post it as soon as it is sent to me!

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