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A gift for the Gods

One of the best perks of being a Celebrant is that you get to learn about all different cultures and customs. Today, I came across a beautiful set out presentation of fruit and flowers which, as part of the morning ceremony is an offering to the Gods. This fruit will be eaten by all the guests at the end of the day along with all the mountains of other culinary dishes that they provide.

And we also come across all sorts of people during weddings, like the Cambodian grandmother who, in her 90’s and speaks very little English, managed to know what her very important job as a witness was. It took her a while to print and sign her name but she was proud as punch, to do so!

I was only there for the legal component, not the whole ceremony, or I would have had to be there all day! But for the time that I was there, it was certainly a learning curve for me.gods_offering_small.jpg

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