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Good ol' Country and Western

Well it was certainly a unusual wedding ceremony for me today. I have never done a wedding out in the sticks before! The hilly terrain was certainly different to what I'm used to, as it was mainly just clay with very dry grass and lots of cracks and in the cracks were plenty of black crickets. Hmmm....this is all fine so far..... as long as none of these little buggers decide to hitch a ride home with me, then I can deal with it.

It was in a small country town about ½ an hour drive north/west of Geelong called Shelford and the ceremony was in the middle of a paddock right next to an old tin shed. It had a Country rustic feel to it which is exactly what the bride wanted.

The brides pride and joy is her horse, Cash. Therefore Cash had to be a part of her wedding of course. So the bride and her brother rode their horses down the hill together, side by side until they reached the waiting bridesmaids. They then dismounted and she walked up the aisle with her Godfather, looking absolutely gorgeous in her white wedding dress and her riding boots.

And there were quite a few cowboys in amongst the guests! Until today, I was unaware that we even had cowboys in this part of the country although I think I spotted Clint Eastwood.....hmm, I think it was him.

But it was actually not as country and western as I have so far made it sound. The groom and his groomsmen all looked very dapper in their suits, the bridesmaids were beautiful in their black dresses and the bride managed to dazzle us all with her ability to still look like a graceful bride while riding a horse.

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