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Happy Hindu Wedding

It was a very easy wedding for me….I only had to turn up (apart from all the background work of course). The couple who were married last night were celebrating a Hindu Wedding Ceremony. These ceremonies can go for hours and this one started at 9.30pm, so it was a long night for the bride and groom. But the Hindu Priest did not have the authority to legalise the marriage, that’s where I came in.

I arrived before their ceremony to conduct the legal part of their day and this happened to be while they were still preparing for their big night. The bride was in the middle of having her make-up done and decided to go through the formal part of her nuptials in her nightgown. She then thought better of that and changed into tracksuit pants. That was just fine by me; this was one of my “no frills wedding” which basically means keeping it simple.

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