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A Hot day but a Great day!

Being hot enough to make my make-up melt on my face before the wedding is not such a good thing for a marriage celebrant. But it was all good in the end, a cloud cover and a nice breeze saved the day, THANK GOD!

I shouldn't complain though, the bride wore a beautiful lacy dress with shoulder straps and while it looked fabulous, in her words, it was like wearing a doona! And the poor groomsmen with their suits must have been sweltering, but no-one complained, they all just enjoyed the day which was fantastic.

It was a great little spot at the RACV Resort in Cape Schanck. Just to the side, in amongst the golf course they have a gorgeous little area called the tea tree gardens and it has a wonderful walk down area, enabling to give a dramatic entrance. And it has a lovely little pond with a bridge going over a small creek. It's really quite beautiful.

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