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Hot Sand at the Beach

When it comes to being a Celebrant, I am magnificent! (Even if I say so myself). When it comes to being a Celebrant that has to have bare feet on hot sand at a beach wedding, I am a woos! When I was first told that everyone was to have bare feet at this wedding, I found it very appealing, yay, no shoes at a wedding! But the sand was hot hot hot! The day was hot, the sun was hot, I was hot and everything was hot!

 But, what a fantastic wedding it was. The scenery was beautiful, matched only by the bride and her two young daughters (they were gorgeous). And their son was such a great kid; I nearly packed him up with all my stuff to take him home too! He held the ring pillow proudly, holding it out when it was time for the ring ceremony and he did a reading as well.

 They decided to incorporate a sand ceremony for them and their three children. Not the sand from the beach, it was coloured sand and they each had their own colours.  The idea of the sand ceremony is that each member of the family is represented by a different colour sand, and as each is poured into the container, the individual portions of sand will no longer exist on their own, but will instead be joined together as one.

 The wedding went off so well that not even the heat could put a dampener on it (so to speak). But I need to go and rehydrate now.....

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