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I will never win Marriage Celebrant of the year!

There is a certain website that rewards wedding vendors i.e., Celebrants, Photographers, venues etc by holding awards for the best vendor in their category. They advertise that the nominees and winners on their site and the prize is all in the glory of winning. Contenders can promote themselves as nominees with the hope that this will give an edge over the competition. It all works quite well except for one thing.

For the wedding vendor to win "The most popular of the year" they have to be nominated by brides that have done business with them and the most submissions win! Which is great if a heap of brides decide to get together and vote their little hearts out but this doesn't happen without help. So this website tells you to contact all your brides and ask them to put forward your name.......... no......this I cannot do.

I don't like to be put on the spot and I certainly don't like to put others on the spot so I have never asked a bride for a testimonial or to be nominated for this award and I never will........... Although I do ask for photos, (I love photos).

I provide a service and yes, I believe that I provide a good service and I am happy doing it. It starts of as a business to create a wedding ceremony and along the way a relationship develops. Don't get me wrong, if anyone were to send me a testimonial or a nomination, I would be over the moon but I will not go canvasing for votes.

It's important to note, that this is just my humble opinion. I don't judge those that do like to campaign, thus achieving lots of votes. But it just isn't me and I am happy knowing that I will never win Marriage Celebrant of the year and to just be a Marriage Celebrant that provides a wonderful ceremony.

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