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I just Love the Irony


I think it is just my warped sense of humour but the irony of today’s ceremony rally did amuse me. It started off about a month ago when I was first contacted by the bride. She told me that they just wanted a very small elopement type wedding with just a couple of guests. I offer these type of ceremonies at a reduced fee but there are conditions such as no frills, etc…

When they came to meet with me, we discussed the details and all was well with the world. Until about a week later when I heard from the bride again. She wanted to meet with me again to discuss their wedding. She had decided that she does want to walk down the aisle, she does want to have more guests, she does want to have a nice dress and a lovely wedding ceremony, after all, she is only getting married once and she wanted it to be a memorable day.

And the groom? Well he just “wants whatever she wants” which is groom talk for  “I’m not going to win this one so let’s just go with it” (I’ve heard this before quite often, lol)

So, there were more discussions about their wedding…… the music, their story, even incorporating a sand ceremony and so forth and then today was the big day. The groom stood nervously next to me as their two gorgeous little daughters walked up the aisle, one holding a small blackboard with words “here comes the bride” and the other holding a basket with rose petals to spread.

And then came the stunning bride with her proud brother by her side. I had made sure that my tissues were readily available because she had already warned me that she was very likely to cry during the ceremony. And here comes the irony part…. I didn’t need my tissues for the bride; I needed them for the groom! As I said, this amused me (my warped sense of humour) that the groom who really just wanted to get married with no fuss felt the emotion of the event and cried. Nice one groom.

This is what makes being a celebrant the best job!

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