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I’d rather be a Kiwi than an Aussie right now!

I always count my blessing that I am an Aussie; after all it's the best country in the world. Compared to the rest of the world, our lifestyle is pretty lay-back, we have great beaches, fantastic country regional areas, no wars, and freedom of speech.

But there seems to be one thing that almost gives us the feel that we are still living in the dark ages and here we are looking longingly over the Tasman to see if they can drag us out to see the light of day. Not satisfied with beating us to giving the right for women to vote, New Zealand have now legalised same sex marriage. I do think that women being able to vote and same sex couples getting married are in the same category, not only that our N.Z. friends have beaten us to the post but more so the human element of both cases.

Yes, I admit that as a Marriage Celebrant, I would love for this law to be passed in Australia, why wouldn't I? It's a whole new market for me.... But as a person, a decent human being and a loving wife, I simply cannot comprehend why there is a certain group of people who just do not have the same basic right as I had when I got married all those years ago.

And now I hear that we are expecting a mass amount of gay couples will travel over the Tasman to a more advanced country to tie the knot. Why can't they do that here??? Most couples that I marry love the whole kit and caboodle of being surrounded by their friends and families while they commit themselves to each other in marriage.  Will they be able to do that in The Land of the Great White Cloud? It's not too far away but still needs airfares and accommodation to be paid for, as well as time away from work and other commitments for the guests.

Good for you New Zealand! You are about to be rewarded in the way of tourism dollars while we still sit here in the dark ages.

I would love to hear everybody's thoughts and opinions on this, whether you agree with me or not, so please feel free to comment and/or share this around.

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