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Inglewood Chapel Wedding

I never realised how many amazing and unique places there were around Melbourne and surrounding areas and today I came across another one. Nestled in Kangaroo Ground (near Eltham) is a remarkable wedding venue called Inglewood Estate. To call it picturesque would be an understatement but there is so much more to Inglewood. For me, the main feature would have to be the rustic looking chapel. I love chapel weddings more than any other types and this one certainly didn't disappoint me. It had such a delightful ambiance which added to whole feel of the ceremony.

And what a great ceremony it was too! The couple were so pleasant and easy-going; they really made my job easy. The bride hosted tears of joy through most of the ceremony and the groom lovingly kept handing her tissue to dab her eyes. There were lots of laughs and emotional moments....thankyou bride and groom for allowing me to be your celebrant!Inglewood_Chapel.jpg

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