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The introduction

Every time I come home from a wedding, I am on such a high! The whole event is a happy one and even though the day really belongs to the bride and groom, I always feel like it's my gig and I actually created this happy event for this couple.

So after each wedding, I feel like I just want to tell anybody and everybody who might be listening all about the big event of the day. Unfortunately for me though, the only person who is usually around is either my husband or a friend who was at the wedding with me anyway as my roadie! By the time we get home, they're usually sick of me babbling on about how well it all went and how I just love being a Marriage Celebrant.

So, I decided to write all about each ceremony and get it off my chest. And, if there is anybody out there who is interested enough to read what I have to say, then great!

What a pity I didn't think of this when I started weddings, there was so much I could write about such as the nerves I felt when I did my very first wedding but came out of there feeling top of the world, because it all ran so smoothly.

Over the past couple of years, I have had so many different weddings, from a small party of only the couple and their 2 witnesses to a large wedding crowd of 100 people, I've had a groom in a kilt, a butterfly release, an announcement of a pregnancy, torrential rain, a great view of the Nobbies at Phillip Island, a bride arrive on the Puffing Billy, children playing a part in their parents ceremony, ceremonies in beautiful parks and beaches.

I have had couples cry with such deep emotion and laugh with joy during the stories that I tell during the ceremony. There has been nerves, from both the couples, the readers, the wedding parties, the fathers of the brides and yes, even the celebrant has the occasional nerves.

But more than anything I have had fun! I love meeting people for the first time and getting to know them. I love the rehearsals, working out the finer details of the ceremony with people I have now got to know and built a great friendship with. And I love the wedding; it's such an emotional day with only happiness to deal with.

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