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island of the Long White Cloud

Today's couple (and most of their guests) were from the island of the Long White Cloud and are now residents of our beautiful city of Mornington. And in keeping with their new found love of their new home, they wanted to have their ceremony in Mornington as well.

It was such a beautiful day today but a bit windy, so we had to move the ceremony in from the balcony to inside but it didn't really matter as both the balcony and inside had a great view of the ocean.

And their children played their roles beautifully from being a part of the bridal party to contributing in the sand ceremony. As there was 5 kids, we opted to have 1 colour for the grooms children and 1 colour for the brides children and of course, 1 each for the bride and groom.

A very short and sweet ceremony today and enjoyed by all!

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