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Last Minute Wedding

Well, I thought I was going to have a break, but I was wrong.  Turned out that a couple wanted me to do their wedding for today. It’s not a good idea to leave booking your celebrant at the last minute, Ladies and Gentlemen, in fact you will more than likely find the wedding will not happen. It is mandatory to submit your first legal form (Notice of Intention to Marry) with the celebrant who will conduct your wedding at least 1 month before the ceremony.

 There are times when a couple can apply for a “shortening of time” but the process is quite stressful and the grounds needed for the shortening of time are very stringent such as terminal illness, going to war etc.

 Lucky for this couple they had a very good reason and the BDM approved their “shortening of time” and I was more than happy to accommodate them with their wedding.

 It was held at the exclusive Peninsula Country Golf Club which I have spoken about before. It would have to be one of the best golf courses as wedding venues.

 The bride and groom are such a lovely, gentle couple who have two young boys that were to hold the rings and give to mum and dad at the right time. But they decided that the right time was right at the beginning of the ceremony and they came up to mummy and daddy saying “do you want this now”. It took a little convincing to get them to put the rings back in the boxes and put them on the table. You can give the rings to mummy and daddy But they settled back and all went well.

 OK, I think I am going to have a break now for about a month.....but you never know.

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