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Lots of Tears

Well it ended up being a great wedding today, with beautiful weather, lots of laughs, a great couple with plenty of emotions and good cheer all around. But I was a bit uneasy before the wedding as the groom hadn't arrived until about 5 minutes before the bride and it was after the ceremony was about to start.

I knew he wasn't going to be at the venue long before the ceremony as he was going to be on the double-decker bus that was bringing all their guests but unfortunately, the bus got stuck in traffic, making it arrive half an hour later than planned. But once everyone arrived, there was champagne and crownies available for the guests putting them all in party mode. And the Scottish kilt clad groom was all excited and raring to go! Then the bride arrived looking beautiful with her three children who gave her away and the cheer just continued.

Although, there were bets on as to who would shed the most tears, the bride or the groom, I think they were on par with each other!

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