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Love at first sight

There’s not many of us that believe in love at first sight, and until I met the couple I married today, I wasn’t totally convinced either. But when I met them and heard their story, I realised that it very much possible!

Even after facing a few hurdles with visa red tapes and despite some trying times arranging their big day, their love for one another was obvious so they truly deserved to have a day as wonderful as they had today.

The weather was perfect, the Estate where the ceremony was held was amazing and the atmosphere was very warm and friendly. As the flower girl walked down the aisle, everyone fell in love with her; I have never had a flower girl work the aisle as perfectly as she did.

And as for the bride, well stunning doesn’t begin to describe her. She was absolutely ravishing  and the devotion to her from her groom was apparent in his face as she walked down the aisle!small.JPG

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