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The lovely Fitzroy Gardens

The lovely Fitzroy Gardens in the city was the venue for the wedding today, right in front of the Dolphin Fountain and next to a great big beautiful Golden Elm tree (my favourite tree). A great place for a wedding, especially when the Weather Gods are kind, like they were this afternoon.

And such a beautiful couple too, not just in looks but in many layers. The groom was a very gentle soul and his bride a genuinely nice person. And she looked absolutely gorgeous as she walked down the aisle with her father although she was upstaged for a while by the cute little flower girl who was about 2 years old and full of a cheeky personality. This delightful little girl decided that she liked walking down the carpet so much, she'll just strut up and down it a couple more times. She certainly entertained a few of the guests.

It was a very joyous wedding with a large number of guests and lots of champagne afterwards, even for me (love it!) and it was also my last for a little while. I have a well earned and much needed break before my next wedding in about a month and a half. But no doubt, I will still be adding more notes before then.

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