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Marriage Celebrants and Rain don't mix!

I know it’s not kosher to complain about the rain after all the heat we have had lately in Melbourne but I’m going to anyway! Seriously, it’s Saturday afternoon on March…… there were hundreds of weddings this afternoon, surely the weather gods know this. I think I need to find a way to join the committee of wet weather, so I can arrange for it to rain only late at night when we’re all tucked up in bed…

But luckily, the lovely couple who I married today had the foresight to realise that it just may rain on their wedding day so they decided to change the venue for their ceremony from Dromana beach to Mornington Golf Club… smart move!

And it turned out to be a delightful wedding, but of course. The bride and groom were such a lovely young couple from up north and both families travelled down for the wedding, all feeling very much in holiday mode which made the atmosphere even more exciting!

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