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Multi-cultural Thursday Wedding

What happens when a Kiwi meets a Californian? They get married and settle down in Melbourne of course… After all it is the most liveable city in the world! It was quite a unique situation for today’s wedding, all the bridal party and guests were either American or New Zealanders who travelled to the land of Aus for this ceremony at The Cups Estate in Fingal. Although, there were not many guests making it a very intimate gathering.

But the different countries coming together wasn’t the only unique aspect to this day. The gorgeous bride is lucky enough to come from a very loving family, even to the point that her mother and step dad are good friends with her dad and step mum. So, today, this beautiful bride got to walk down the aisle with two dads who were as proud as punch of their daughter.

The grooms and his family were equally as loving and friendly as the brides so even though this couple came from opposite sides of the world, the coming together of these two families is like a match made in heaven.Hannah_and_Luka.JPG

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