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Must Love Dogs

Must love dogs was one of those cheesy movies that I love, being about a couple who meet on the net, and todays wedding reminds me very much of this movie as the bride and groom met on the net with the groom stating on his profile, “must love animals.” Well, he certainly did find a wonderful woman who definitely loved animals and for the past ten years, they have lived happily together with their menagerie of different pets.

Today, they got married at the Mornington Golf Club, ten years to the day that they met and the wedding was a really lovely, relaxed affair. There was no walking down the aisle, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, just the couple, me, and about 60 family and friends enjoying the time and place and ceremony with the very picturesque view of the golf club and the ocean behind us.mornington_golf_club1.jpg

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