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My Good Friends Wedding

I almost thought today would never come but it finally arrived, the day I marry two wonderful friends of mine. Of course the weather came into play as everyone kept ducking under the trees to escape but thankfully cleared up for the ceremony.

The groom surprised me as I expected him to act a lot more nervous than he did and the bride delighted me with her calmness and her cheerfulness and of course her beauty!

She arrived to the Coolart Homestead and Wetlands in a party bus and walked through the gardens in the arms of her mother and father with a huge smile on her face. While the groom expertly kept the children in check and spent the whole ceremony holding their youngest son as he didn't want to let go of daddy!

There were lots of laughs but the funniest moment would have to be when the groom was saying his vows and making sure that he said Lawful Wedded Wife and not Warful Wedded Wife.....

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