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never work with children or animals

They say never "never work with children or animals". Well there were no animals in the 3 weddings this weekend (Fly's are not animals are they?) but there were certainly children in the first two weddings.

In the first one, the children of the couple walked down the aisle preceding the bride and the little 18 month old boy held a sign saying "here comes the bride" cute. This wedding was for a mate of my son so I had a personal connection to it and it was good to actually stay back for the reception for a change.

The second wedding was today on a hot hot hot day which didn't go down well with the kids of the lovely couple today. They just wanted to be held by mummy and daddy, which made it a bit difficult when it came to the ring ceremony but they got through it. But apart from that, it was a great wedding with a back drop that is going to make their photos absolutely stunning!

And the third wedding...well it was still hot hot hot (I feel so sorry for the groomsmen on days like these) and there were many guests all feeling the heat but luckily, there were an abundance of trees giving plenty of shade.

All three weddings this weekend were very different from each other but they did have two things in common. Firstly, they were all in beautiful surroundings with lots of greenery and secondly, all three couples were absolutely wonderful. I feel so blessed to not only have a delightful vocation but to deal with such warm and friendly people during the happiest time of their life!

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