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No Fuss No Russ

A “no frills wedding” may not have the flourishes of a written personalised ceremony but they do have a certain charm of their own. When there is only the bride and groom and a couple of specially chosen close knit friends or family, it becomes quite intimate.

And this is what happened today…. The lucky, beautiful couple who married today felt that they didn’t want to take any limelight away from other younger members of their family. So they decided to keep their marriage very low key with only the bride’s daughter and the grooms brother and sister-in-law attending and witnessing. The result was a very warm, friendly and pleasing quick ceremony….exactly what they wanted!

One thing about “no frills weddings” is that Russell the Roadie is not needed as there is no music….perhaps I should rename it to “No Fuss, No Russ ceremonies”!Russ_PA_small.jpg

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