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Olay olay.... it was hot hot hot!

Olay was hot hot hot! But thankfully the gardens in The Overnewton Castle in Keilor have lots of shade which made today’s wedding more comfortable. A lovely place to hold a ceremony with greenery surrounding us and a lovely old building (the castle) there for the reception.

 The bridesmaids consisted on 3 young girls ranging from about 8 to 11 and they all walked down the aisle perfectly followed by the matron of honour and then the beautiful bride with her mother appeared at the top of the steps. All of them walking down the aisle to Celine Dion’s Ave Maria while I stood next to a very nervous groom. He looked like a big tough guy on the outside but I suspect just a teddy bear inside.

 And the emotional moment came from an unexpected source today, the tears started from one of the couples close friends while she was reading a poem for them. But it was all good, she got though it.

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