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Once upon a time there was a wedding or two

Once upon a time, there was a very busy celebrant, she didn’t mind being busy, in fact, she loved it!! And today, she had two weddings to conduct:

The first one was what she calls a no-frills wedding but no-frills doesn’t necessarily mean no emotion, fun, or memories, in fact, they can be quite intimate and more personal than a personalised ceremony. It’s just a matter of the couple providing the magic. And today’s couple did just that! There are conditions to no-frills weddings and one of them is that there are to be no more than a handful of guests including the two witnesses. Today, there was just the couple, two witnesses, a photographer and the celebrant on a remote spot on the beach of St Andrews Beach with a fantastic view and the ceremony was very heart-felt with the bride and groom expressing vows to each other. The only hard part was the trek to get to this remote spot and back again….the poor celebrant’s legs are feeling a little on the frail side as she writes this blog, lol.

The second ceremony was a full personalised ceremony but it was just as intimate with the guests being only close family and friends including their very formally dressed black Labrador. And it was a very jovial one as well which always pleases the celebrant because she knows that if everyone there is happy and enjoying the ceremony, then she has done her job well…..max.jpg

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