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One Hundredth Wedding!

I know that as a marriage celebrant, I am really only one of the cogs in the wheel for the couple on their journey to getting married. Even though I put a lot of work into the wedding ceremony, it’s not about me, it all about the bride and groom. I understand that and accept it happily. But today, I would like to take a small part of the glory as I have reached a milestone. Today I conducted my one hundredth wedding ceremony and I must say, that to do that in only three and a half years is pretty dam good, and I am quite proud of myself!

 But enough about me, now about today’s wedding! It was at a lovely place in Wandin called Mont De Lancey which is an old homestead turned into a museum with lots of lovely gardens and a wonderful chapel. It was in this chapel that the most bubbly and excited bride got married today. She was in such high spirits as she walked down the aisle escorted by her brother and during the ceremony that her cheeriness became contagious and spread through the rest of the chapel. There was lots of laughter, especially when she made the mistake of saying “I want to share in your jeans” instead of “I want to share in your dreams” during her vows.

 Mont De Lancey is run by volunteers, and one of the volunteers often plays the organ for the ceremonies held there as he did today. What a wonderful way to add to the ambiance.

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