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Oops..... not quite ready yet!


Ok, so I was given the thumbs up from the coordinator at the beautiful Dalywaters Rose Garden to say that the bride and her bridesmaids were ready to start walking down the 60 metre aisle to the rose chapel. So I welcome everyone to this special day, please turn your mobile phones off bla bla bla…. Music starts…..first bridesmaids starts walking down….. then second bridesmaid is about to start….. then stops. As I’m standing at my post next to the Groom and his groomsmen, wondering what’s going on, the first bridesmaid starts walking back up the aisle and the coordinator starts waving to me to stop the music.

Ok…. Only thing to do was to leave the groom in the care of his groomsmen and guests (you can just imagine the comments) and walk up the 60 metres to find out what was happening. I had already greeted the bride on her arrival so I knew she was there and very happy.

It turned out that just as the music started, they realised that the groom’s sister hadn’t arrived yet, and Bride really wanted her to  be there, fair enough, I was happy to wait (it was only a few moments) but how was I going to explain this to everyone when I got back into the chapel. Bride was worried that Groom would think she did a runoff and asked me to reassure him. “Of course” says I as I walk back down the 60 meters to dozens of questioning eyes and worried faces.

“A funny thing happened on the way to a wedding” I start to try and lighten the mood, and lucky it worked, everyone was curious but laughing at the situation as I explained what happened. Phew! But this also set the mood amongst the guests as they thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony when it finally started to happen or should I say re-started to happen.

Gorgeous bride…..beautiful bridesmaids……dashing groom……dapper groomsmen. But there was so much more to this wedding than that with a wonderful candle ceremony which invites both mothers to participate in the ceremony, a friend dressed in his kilt reading “An Apache Blessing” and the most heartfelt vows I have ever heard.


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