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Peninsula Weddings

Two very different weddings today!

The first one was at Eagle Ridge Golf course for a lovely young couple who have been together since they were teenagers. With the greenery as a background, we stood on the middle level of the steps that lead to a rotunda on the lake. Very beautiful setting, just ideal for a wedding…. The bride looked gorgeous along with her bridesmaids and her proud dad. As I looked across at the groom, he was as cool as a cucumber as he watched her down the aisle.

The second wedding was at a very unique kind of venue. The Manyung Gallery in Mount Eliza has a front room that is almost chapel like creating a great ambiance for a ceremony. This bride and groom are a bit older than the first couple but just as lovely and happy.

The first bride had her father walk her down the aisle while the second had her son walk her down the aisle….Manyung_Gallery.jpg

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