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Phillip Island Wedding

Trenavin Park is one of favourite wedding venues. It is a beautiful little chapel on Phillip Island and it really is where the tradition of a chapel meets the tranquillity of the country and the excitement of the beach! It is also the chapel in the picture on my FB page.

And todays wedding was held there but not without its weather issues. It is the first time that I have had a couple wanting to get married outside of the chapel, incorporating the picturesque view as a backdrop to the ceremony.

But of course those pesky weather gods had to come and play havoc with our heads. "Is it going to rain?" "No, I don't think so" "Ok, let's set up then!" Which we did, and then a few drops came down from the heavens, followed by a few more and a few more. Just enough to worry us but not enough to make a definite decision, GRRRR! The poor groom just didn't know which call to make with half the guests encouraging him to stay outside because that's what he and his gorgeous bride really want and half of the guests encouraging him to have the wedding inside because they wanted to stay dry and me just worried about water not mixing well with my PA system!

But eventually (about 1 minute before the wedding) the call was made to stay outside and risk getting wet. It was almost like those weather gods heard us and decided to give up on messing with us. The rain stopped, the gorgeous bride and her beautiful bridesmaids turned up, the ceremony went ahead as planned outside and all was right with the world.....trenavin_park.jpgchapel.jpg

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