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Puppy Love

Thank god for air conditioned chapels! Today’s couple had the forethought when they booked their wedding all those months ago to know that being in the middle of Summer, it was going to be hot hot hot! And they were right, although the wind wasn’t in their thoughts at the time but it didn’t matter….we were all quite comfy with the air conditioning blowing away.

And so were the dogs, yes, I said dogs. These two gorgeous little pugs were the ring bearers and when they were led down the aisle holding the rings, I could hear “naaww” and “Oh aren’t they cute” from all over the chapel.

The chapel was nestled behind the grapevines at Immerse Winery and had lovely big windows giving of a great view. And the bride and groom, well what can I say, they were another really lovely couple and I thank them for allowing me to share their special day with them and their guests.Immerse_Winery.jpg

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