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Rain Rain Go Away

Just when I was starting to think that the weather gods were smiling down on wedding days, they throw a whammy in! Oh, the heartache it causes when a groom has to make a decision on whether or not to have the wedding inside or out, knowing full well that the bride has her heart set on outside but the weather has other plans.

So we decided to take the risk of keeping it outside, after all, the setting at the back of Benito’s restaurant in Mount Eliza is very pleasant. And even though it did drizzle a bit through the ceremony, there were plenty of umbrellas around and groomsmen and bridesmaids to hold them over the bride and groom, and the celebrant, and the coloured sand for the sand ceremony, and the P.A. That is until the signing of the registrar. Halfway through signing…down it came, everybody ran inside, the groomsmen grabbed the sand and vase, the bridesmaids grabbed the flowers, DJ Peter grabbed the PA, I grabbed the registrar folder and the signing continued on inside.

Oh well, at least the bride and groom have a good tale they can tell their children and grandchildren in years to come…



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