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The Riva at Sk Kilda

So it was absolutely wonderful to see their day had finally arrived! And even more pleasurable was the fact that the weather was perfect and the venue, Riva at St Kilda, was beautiful, almost as beautiful as the bride. And I must say, the groom looked pretty snazzy too!

 The music for the processional “It’s now or never” by Elvis was quite a hit too and quite funny, knowing that the wedding had been postponed a couple of times, but that set the pace for the bride to giggle through much of the ceremony. I love it when things like that happen. It makes a happy occasion even happier.

 One of the special things about today’s couples was that they proudly say how she is pink and he is black. She is girly girl and he is a blokey bloke, so I made sure that I wore my pink and black outfit today. I thought that was very fitting!

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