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Sands on the Bay on Elwood Foreshore

What a fantastic day for a wedding today and it was such a great wedding too! If you're wanting to have a beach wedding without having to deal with the sand then Sands on the Bay on Elwood Foreshore is the place to do it. A lovely restaurant with a sun room right on the beach, with the sun streaming in and creating a very light atmosphere.

The lucky couple who got married today were so beautiful and lively and funny.... their story about how they met and decided to get married was quite amusing but not as funny as when the groom was repeating the vows after me. Instead of saying "forsaking all others", his nerves got the better of him and he seem to say something about "for all lovers" And having a German accent, just made it all the more funnier...poor luv. But as I said, they were a really beautiful couple and he was able to laugh at himself.

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