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A Short No Frills Wedding

Every now and again, I have a very small, no frills wedding. I offer these ceremonies at a reduced fee to couples that are either getting married on the sly and don’t want anybody to know (elopement) or plan on having a big ceremony in another country but want to actually be married in Australia.  The latter is actually a very good idea because if you get married outside of Australia, your marriage may be recognised in Australia but not registered which can cause some problems later on with the brides change of name. But these ceremonies do come with conditions.

And todays couple were married just this way, although, no frills does not necessarily mean it can’t be at a nice place. So off we went to the George Pentland Botanical Gardens in Frankston and surprised another couple who were just sitting on one of the park benches enjoying the view of the lake by performing a very short wedding. And to top it off, a rock by the lake was used as our signing table!HR3.jpg

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