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Star Grooms

Two weddings today and both grooms have the honour of being the star of the weddings.

The firs groom made the ring himself and in doing so, he managed to turn a $2 coin into the most precious and invaluable piece that he could ever offer.

While the second one chose the beautiful Seawinds park in Arthurs Seat as their ceremony venue because he had planted a tree right near the rose garden to honour his parents. He also gets a gold star because he is the first groom I have ever had the pleasure of marrying that has had to rake away the roo poo from the aisle.

Apart from the weather gods messing with our heads showing a bit of blue sky, then sprinkling a little rain, and then blowing a little gale, both ceremonies worked out well, making two very happy couples even happier today!heroImage.jpg

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