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Such an Elaborate Wedding!

When I was contacted by the wedding planners to do this ceremony, I was happy to do it, even though it was not certain that the wedding would go ahead because of the shortage of time. The couple needed to get special permission to marry in less than 1 month and 1 day which is by law, the least amount of time to have the first of the legal forms submitted with the celebrant.

 But full credit to this couple and their families for not just organising a wedding but for organising a wedding with extra shebang! When I walked into the venue this morning, I nearly fainted when I saw all the flowers around the area where we will be standing and the rose petals all up the aisle. Just to give you an indication, I heard that the bill for the flowers alone was $26,000! Yep, you read right, $26,000. On top of that, there was a string quartet, (they played beautifully), hundreds of balloons and a terrific venue that had a very specific type of professional service. The Red Scooter in Balaclava, definitely look after their clientele. The bridal party all turned up in an old time stretch limo that had to be seen to be believed. My only regret for today was that I didn’t have an opportunity to take photos of all the flowers, the balloons, the room, and the stretch limo.

 But, all the best laid plans can go astray sometimes cant they?  After all the organisation, all the working on every little detail, all the stress of making sure things go right, one little thing can go wrong and change the whole day. And guess what, it did. When the bridal party arrived, right on time, they realised that they hadn’t placed the veil on the bride. In fact, they left it at home! Oh ooh! Panic stations! So the parents of the bride went bridal shop hunting so they can buy another veil as their home was too far away to just go and get it..... So, 1 hour later, with veil in place, the beautiful bride with her proud father walked down the aisle made from thousands of rose petals to her very handsome and happy groom. Phew! From then on, the ceremony went beautifully.....of course, lol.

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