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“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen” said I “And welcome to the surprise wedding of ……..” Well well well thought the guests who all thought that they were there for an engagement party. This is the fun part of surprise weddings, seeing the looks on the guests faces when they realise that they have been tricked but in a good way!

But there were a few people in on the secret, such as the grooms parents, (it was at their house), the bridesmaids and groomsmen and the brides son, who gave her away and the grooms daughters who were in charge of the rings. The best types of surprise weddings are ones where there are a few people in on it to help share the planning and the fun.

And tonight’s planning worked out perfectly. We arrived at the “Engagement Party” after it had been going for a couple of hours so everyone was in party mode and we snuck in via the front door and I walked out to the back yard where it was all happening with the groom and his two groomsmen. I welcomed everyone, the music started and away we went.

And just to make this wedding a little more untraditional, the beautiful bride wore a lovely black dress!

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