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Well, first let me say…… I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and for those of us Melbourne dwellers, I hope you managed to stay cool in a hot hot city!

But today (Boxing Day) when the weather was not so hot, and was looking quite wet this morning and beautifully sunny this afternoon, I had the pleasure of conducting another surprise wedding….although I believe there weren’t too many people surprised, in a back yard at Launching Place that has a magnificent view.

The bride and groom wanted this ceremony to be a casual affair with all of their family and friends and the groom kept to this theme by wearing his t-shirt, shorts and shirt, he looked great as well as happy and relaxed! But the bride opted for a long white dress and she looked beautiful as she bounced down the aisle, waving to her groom and excitedly saying to him “We’re getting married!”

And the surprise didn’t end there. After the wedding, the bride’s father toasted the happy couple and made the announcement that they are expecting their first baby! Well I must say, this is the first time that I have been surprised at a surprise wedding!b_and_m.JPG

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