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Tempramental weather

The day started of windy and cloudy then windy and sunny then it looked like rain, no wait the suns out, oh the clouds are back again. What will happen with this weather, is it going to be alright for the wedding or is it going to rain, do we change the venue of the wedding or do we keep it on the beach where it was planned to be.

Luckily, the wedding was to be held in a rotunda on a lovely tree lined area overlooking the beach so light rain may not be a big problem. But as Russell the Roadie and I started to set up around the rotunda, the rain god had his way and down it came. Oh no, rain rain go away! And it did!

We looked up to see blue sky; the sun came out, the wind dropped, and it was a beautiful day only matched by the beautiful bride. She looked so gorgeous along with her 3 bridesmaides and her father. As she walked up the aisle with her arm linked in her fathers arm, the emotion got a little too much for her and the tears started along with the smiles.  The groom was as cool as a cucumber and I could see how this couple were right for each other. There were a few laughs through the ceremony, a couple of readings and all in all, it was a great ceremony.

And then, when we all packed up and started to leave, the rain came down again. Thankyou God of sunny weather for doing your thing at the right time.

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