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Three Times The Pleasure

Well it’s been a busy weekend with three weddings. The first one was at The Brighton Hotel who fortunately does have a plan B option when it comes to weather THANK GOD! As the weather gods decided to play nasty yesterday, we moved the ceremony to indoors and everyone was quite comfortable thankyou.

The second was a lovely small secret wedding (shhhh) on Phillip Island at a B&B. With just the Bride and Groom, the two witnesses, the owners of the B&B, Russell the Roadie and me, it was quite an intimate wedding which I always enjoy as they are so personal. And they glass of champagne and slice of wedding cake at the end really topped it off….yummmm!

And then off to the third wedding at the fantastic Churchill Island Heritage Farm. This farm host a vast array of animals including a few different types of birds making their presence known during the ceremony. The rooster let us knew he was there when a guest was reading a poem but best of all, the peacock crowed his delight when he saw the bride and groom kiss for the first time as a married couple.

I know three couples that have had a life changing affair this weekend, all contributing to my fabulous weekend!....and to the peacocks


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