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Is Thursday the new Friday for weddings?

Thursday weddings seem to be getting more and more common these days, maybe because it can save a few costs, but today’s couple chose this date to get married because it was exactly 5 years to the day that they went on their first date.

They also love the beach which is partly why they chose to exchange their vows at Sails on the Bay in Elwood. This is a great spot if you would love to have a beach wedding while not really having a beach wedding! The restaurant opens up to the sand with the bay as a great back drop, so if you love the beach and have a day like today where the weather is a bit iffy (sunny one minute, pouring with rain the next), it’s perfect!

The bride, who looked gorgeous, walked down the aisle with her mother just behind her two spunky little boys aged 18 months and 4 years making their dad and her groom very proud. It was a beautiful wedding with a few laughs and lots of smiles.K_and_C_small.jpg

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