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Two Chapels in one day

If you want your wedding to have the traditional feel of a church, the beautiful background of the ocean and the atmosphere of the country, then Trenavin Park Chapel on Phillip Island is for you. Such a beautiful look inside and out and for the perfect photos, the view is to die for!

This was the venue for my first wedding today for a couple that I feel like I met eons ago! They had a red and white theme throughout their day and the bridesmaid and the mother of the bride both looked lovely in their red dresses but not as beautiful as the bride..... and we had a Man of Honour today instead of the traditional Matron of Honour

And I think calm is a good way to describe this ceremony today as both the bride and groom were both feeling quite relaxed and just flowed through almost like they do this every day.

The second wedding was also held in a chapel. Although quite a bit older than Trenavin Park, The chapel in the Old Dalyston Deli has its own type of charm. But having the second wedding in a chapel is where the similarity between the two ceremonies ends.

The last ceremony had 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen and a groom who was a little anxious about the whole thing. But as it happen, he got through it without a hitch, although his bride let her nerves get the better of her when she jumped the gun and yelled I do before I had a chance to finish asking her if she takes her groom in sickness and in health, loving and cherishing him for the rest of their lives. That pretty much bought the house down with laughter.

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