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Two Special Weddings

I’m sure I have mentioned before that when I win Tattslotto, I will move to Mount Eliza and today I found just the right neighbourhood to move in to. Today’s first wedding couple hired a house in the hood of Australia’s beloved Hugh Jackman and this gave them a fantastic view of the ocean, just before the tennis court, just before the pool for their photos.

It was a really lovely intimate wedding with only about 30 guests that were all very special to the couple and what made it so special was the approach that the beautiful bride and her handsome groom had towards their ceremony. No big deal, just want to express their love for one another, simple, casual and heartfelt.

The second wedding was a union of two people from two different countries, with both falling in love with each other’s nations as well as each other. The bride is from Israel and the groom from Australia. They have lived in Tel Aviv for the past few years and have now come to spend their time here in Melbourne.

This gave me the opportunity to incorporate a different ritual into the ceremony today, and that is the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass. When it came to pronouncing them Man and Wife, instead of saying to groom “You may now kiss your bride” I got to say “You may now break the glass!” Then both bride and groom stomped on their glass which signified the joining of a Jewish and an Australian entering a love and marriage relationship. After the ceremony, I was approached by the bride’s parents so they could tell me how happy they were to have a part of their custom incorporated into the ceremony. There was definitely another highlight in this ceremony and that was when the grooms Nan read out from the 13 Corinthian… it was an even bigger highlight for Nan.

They were two very amazing weddings today! small.jpg

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