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Two Very Different Weddings

I had two weddings today, and they were two very different weddings.

 The first one was in a wonderful chapel in Langwarrin. It’s called WhiteChapel and it is surrounded by bush giving it a bit of a country feel. It is also one of the largest chapel that I know of, they usually only hold up to about 60 people, but this one would hold at least 100.

 It was an early wedding being held at 11am and it was a real family affair with the couples tree sons involved, well the youngest was really just running around everywhere but I’m sure he felt like he was involved. And it turned out to be a really lovely wedding with the words that both the bride and groom wanted to express to each other being quite emotional and romantic at the same time.

 The second wedding went surprisingly well. I expected it to be very emotional with a mixed bag of feelings involved as the bride’s father became very ill a few days ago. But the bride and her mother and her brother put on a very brave face and got through the ceremony without too many tears.

 This was held at the Settlers Run Country Golf Club which hosts a fantastic view! The sun was shining and the whole bridal party looked awesome with the bridesmaids’ bright pink dresses and the groomsmen’s matching ties. I can’t wait to see the photos!

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