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Two weddings on Phillip Island

Firstly, at Silverwater Resort, not quite on the island but close enough. I have done many weddings there and they cater well for couples who choose to get married there. Such as the couple who married there today, they came over from W.A. to be married at Silverwater, ok, it was mainly due to the grooms’ family living in the area, but still, it’s pretty far to come.

 And what a fantastic couple they were. I have been talking with the bride for many months via email and really feel that we had a great friendship happening. I think it had a lot to do with having the same sense of humour. So I got to the venue with Russell the Roadie, (otherwise known as my husband) and set up everything ready to go when the weather God decided to mess with our heads. Oh yeah, it started to rain, which in turn led us to grabbing the PA, the registry books and ran inside. Then it was what to do, what to do? Is it going to keep raining? Is the cold wind going to continue? But then the sun came out, we moved the ceremony down a bit closer to the building for protection from the wind and WELLA! It was perfect. The ceremony ended up being really really good. Everybody happy, two people really happy and married and then it was time for me to move on to the next wedding.

 The second one was at Trenavin Chapel in Cowes. This has the most astonishing view of the bay and some gorgeous areas amongst the fields with great gardens. And the chapel is really beautiful on the outside and inside. Unfortunately, it’s not really big enough to fit 90 guests which is what it needed to do today.

 Another beautiful couple, with a great story about how they met and how he proposed. And we had a candle ceremony as well which was worked really well with the two mothers lighting the family candles then the couple lighting the unity candle.

 The two ceremonies today were so different in their ways, having differences in wedding parties and types of ceremonies. But in other ways they were very similar, both couples just wanting to be married to their sweethearts and sharing their special day with their families, their friends and me.

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