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Two weddings today and they were two very different weddings!

As the bride for the first wedding was originally from India, there was a lot of colour around. There were many people including a lot of Australians in traditional Indian costume and they looked amazing. The couple were also both dressed Indian style even though the groom was Australian born and they looked fantastic. The bride’s hands were dyed with a paste with all amazing traditional patterns.

 As the wedding progressed, we could smell all the delicious Indian Food ready for the reception. I had to drag my husband out of there, while his mouth was watering but we needed to move on to the next wedding.

The second one was held in the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens in the city. And what a crowd, there were so many people there! This couple live in Perth but as the Bride is from Melbourne; they have come here to get married. So the Grooms family all flew in from Perth, looking very dapper!

 During the signing, we were all entertained by four of the bride’s sisters singing and her cousin playing the guitar which was such a nice personal touch. And of course Melbourne turned on her beautiful weather which just made the day spectacular!

 But, two weddings later, all dressed up, in heels, carting PA equipment and table and chairs around, and conducting two very special ceremonies,  I am tuckered out. So the first thing I did when I got home today was put on my jammy’s. Ah, so comfy!

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