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Tying the Knot

Sandhurst Golf Club is one of the loveliest golf clubs and it is a little different to other golf courses in the way it hosts ceremonies. Instead of having ceremonies close to the main building or near the greens, they have a special secluded area under a large tree. This area is quite a distance to travel so everyone gets ferried via the golf buggies. Including the Groom, his Groomsmen, Bride, Bridesmaids and one certain Celebrant holding on tightly to her PA and briefcase!

 And it was another lovely wedding today incorporating a handfasting ceremony. I am sure you have heard the expression “Tying the Knot” when people talk about marriage.

Tying the knot comes from the ancient custom of the Handfasting Ritual and dates back to Roman times.

Romans, early Christians and Celts tied the Bride and Groom’s hands together with a Lover’s Knot as part of the Betrothal Ceremony. The lover’s knot is deemed as a token of good luck.  A cord is used to tie the couples hands accompanied by a blessing.  At the conclusion of the handfasting the cord is released, leaving the lover’s knot intact.   The lover’s knot is stored and kept by bride and groom for life.This worked very well with the grooms grandmother “tying the knot” for the young couple today.

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