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A Very Picturesque Wedding

It was such a pleasant wedding today. The weather gods did try to mess with our heads, looking like it was going to rain at times and the wind threatening to blow a gale at other times, but it turned out to be sunny and quite comfortable.

Both the ceremony and the reception were held at a private property in Nyora and it was a great place to hold a wedding! And with the colour scheme being red and white, it was very picturesque. The bridesmaids wore red dresses while the groomsmen had red shirts and the tow absolutely gorgeous little flower girls wore white dresses with red slashes. And of course the beautiful bride held on to a bouquet of red roses.

I started of by saying it was such a pleasant wedding today and that is because, everything just flowed along beautifully. I like to keep the ceremonies light-hearted and even though they definitely have a serious side, I want my couples to enjoy this moment and not stress about it. And it was obvious that this couple did just enjoy their ceremony which was great and so did their guests....

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